First GingerBread Tegra2 Dual core Tablet

Google might be delaying Gingerbread release but there is one company that has come to the front  and declared that they will be launching Gingerbread based tablet within this year.

Japanese brand, Woow Digital, shows of the First Android Gingerbread based tablet, that runs on Tegra2 Dual core processor with some great specs. The company calls is “The One“.

The tablet is packed with some customized apps to suit the large screen.

The one features NVIDIA Tegra 2 core, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of flash storage with a 10-inch display capable of doing  1024 x 600 resolution. On the connectivity front, it does Bluetooth, WiFi and WCDMA 3G radios.

Woow plans to launch The One in Japan before Christmas at a price of $504, which will be followed up by availability in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe. So in CES 2011, expect this Tablet along with loads of other Tegra2 tablets and Android smartphones.

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