GreenTea: The Only Java Grid Computing Software For TheRestofUs!

The GreenTea Software is a pure Java Peer-to-Peer (P2P) based Grid OS platform that facilitates P2P computing, distributed computing, grid computing, and network computing by harnessing the idle computing resources on the network. GreenTea is written entirely in the Java (TM) programming language. It runs on any Java enabled computing platforms, such as PCs, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, even Java-enabled Cell phones. GreenTea enables organizations to fully utilize their existing heterogeneous computing resources to meet their heavy-duty computing needs, without having to purchase expensive supercomputers and servers. By using GreenTea software, all the computers in the organization can be utilized to form a large virtual supercomputer.

GreenTea is a total resource aggregation and resource sharing platform. The resources include both hard resources (e.g. CPU, RAM, hard disk, network bandwidth, etc) and soft resources (e.g. files, software applications and services, etc). Not only does GreenTea harness computing resources, but most importantly, GreenTea enables give-and-take sharing of computing resources (bi-directionality, or Many To Many topology). In fact, any participant in the GreenTea network is both a contributor and a beneficiary of the shared resources .

For example, all the computers in the company can form a GreenTea network by either running GreenTea on their desktop or joining the network via a web browser. Departments that require heavy-duty computing resources can then run their GreenTea enabled application programs on the GreenTea network. This saves the company from buying and maintaining additional computing equipment. It is economically efficient to make use of existing computing resources rather than owning an expensive supercomputer.

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