Hack Human Brain to Extract information

How many times have you been victimized by Inception? You might not even know but social hackers can extract a wide set of information from you. However, simple Hardware intended for controlling games can be utilized to Hack your Brain to reveal dirty little secrets.

Watchout, scientists have discovered a way to mind-read personal secrets, such as bank PIN numbers and personal associations, using a cheap headset.

hack brain

Brain Hacking / Reading: What all can be extracted?
This isn’t magic or a device from the Future, brain reading had been possible since several years. Over the years, it has only perfected.

Often a part of Hands-free gaming hardware, commercial brain-wave reading devices, could identify when human subject under observation recognized familiar objects, faces, or locations. This technology is widely useful for security interrogators.
Scientists could do more of guessing work too. e.g. They can guess the first digit of the PIN number with 40% success rate.

What Hardware is used for Brain Hacking
Emotiv brain-computer interface, a device that costs around $299, allows users to interact with their computers by thought, and is often used to control games. The same device with no modifications is good enough to get started.

How Brain Hacking Works
Using Emotiv and computers, scientists track the readings coming off of the brain, specifically a signal known as P300. The P300 signal is used by the brain when a person recognizes something meaningful, such as someone or something they interact with on a regular basis.

Human Brain sends-out this beacon signal every 300 milliseconds after every recognition occurs.
Scientists have given out a public demo of how it works and is now proven to work most of the time. These devices have access to your raw EEG [electroencephalography, or electrical brain signal] data, and that contains certain neurological phenomena triggered by subconscious activities

Brain Extraction Viruses?
This is only the start, as these brain-controlled devices become more common, these devices can grow to bring harm. The researches warn that viruses could discretely display images on a screen and help tech-savvy thieves narrow down their search for private information. Possible future attacks would involve true geo- graphic location of a user is leaked by showing maps or landmarks with increased accuracy.

To sum up, the scientists found they could find a person’s home 60% of the time with a one in ten chance, and had a 40% chance of recognising the first number of a PIN number.

Its already happening, watchout if you buy one of those gadgets.

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