Honda ASIMO Robots mimics Humans

Honda has been making these ASIMO robots for a long while now and everytime they come with a new version, its filled with surprises.

We’ve already seen it dance, sing and read minds. The new ASIMO is faster, skinnier and more ergonomic than any Robot ever made. It can walk, run backward and forward, run on a single leg, twist and rip the the bottle caps and what not.  In fact, Honda claims that its bot is now less “automated” than it is “autonomous” — all thanks to new behavior control technology that allows it to move and make decisions on its own, independent of human operators.

It can rapidly process information about its environment, and undertand the dynamics of the situation before making the next move. ITs even smart enough to combine long- and short-term sensor data to predict human movements and automatically recognize voices or gestures.This is what makes it co-exist with Humans, naturally.

Structure wise, its more flexible and capable. It can now run at 9 km/h. Its hands are now more dexterous than ever, thanks to new independent finger control functions, this allows it to execute delicate tasks, with ease.

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