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You own a xx GB iPod and till yesterday it was working fine then all of a sudden iTunes monster tells you “Error ipod is corrupt please restore”. You connected it and the “do not disconnect” was blinking forever and you had to disconnect it manually. IPod doesn’t show up in iTunes and you get a message that it detects a corrupted ipod. Darkness falls on your eyes. OMG! what happened ?

Why iPod Corrupts?

There are several possible causes for iPod crash:
– iTunes database on iPod is corrupt. Could be becuase you tampered it.

– iPod File system/Library corrupted while you migrated from older to newer version of iTunes

– Corruption due to migration of PC to PC or PC to MAC or vice-versa.

– Damage of Hard disk clusters.

Unless the reason is NOT the last one, it can be fixed. In case of the last one, you must rush to apple for support.

It has been restored at least 4 times and still says it’s corrupted. It was also reformatted. Nothing. Since then I’ve updated to the new Itunes version. In My Computer it has just changed from saying “IPOD” to “removable disk” and when I right click on it to check properties it freezes so I can’t get in. The menus all work on the IPOD, it has no music on it. I can play games, just can’t get it recognized or uncorrupted. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I too have the same problem. I just change my computer and when I connected my Ipod to the new computer, it all started. The only new action I did was to install a newly downloaded iTunes. Then when I hooked up my Ipod….it took so long to connect not like before when it only took seconds for my computer to detected my Ipod. Bec of this, my Ipod was corrupted. I already restored my ipod. all are new version already, Ipod and Itunes, but still have the same problem of long detection of the Ipod. BTW, my computer is faster now since it is brand new. Please help. I am hesitant to transfer my files at the moment because it might be corrupted in the end again.

How to Fix the iPod

There are multiple ways to fix the corrupted iPod, though it’s not 100% guaranteed it will work coz chances of HDD corruption do exist.

– Restore method Try putting it in disk mode by holding the Menu + Center buttons until the Apple logo appears, then when it Logo appears, switch to holding Center + Play/Pause buttons until it says “Ok to Disconnect”. Then try formatting or restoring it and see if it fixes it at all. To get out of disk mode, reset your iPod by holding Menu + Center buttons until the Apple logo appears again.  If this fails, proceed with the next.

– Disk management: plug in iPod > Right click My computer > Manage > under “storage”, click on “disk management” right-click on the iPod it shows. “Change drive letter and paths…”  then change the drive letter to something different. Then unplug the iPod and plug it back in again. It should work.

– Driver Re-install -Plug your ipod into your computer, My Computer > manage > Device Manager and click on Universal Serial Bus Controller. Then click the plus sign and find the one with your device (it should say something like “USB Mass Storage Device.”. Right-click on that device and select “Uninstall.” Let the screen refresh. Replug your device from the computer, wait about 5 seconds then plug it back in.

– Formatting and Restoring Another way is to format the iPod HDD (and then restore) to remove minor disk errors that might have come over usage of iPod.

To proceed with this, you need a utility called HP USB. You can either google it or download it here. Format the drive as FAT 32 and then you should be able to restore it with no problem.

Try CopyTrans Doctor Its a good software for iPod recovery and fixes. Guide available here.
If All of the above methods fail, probability of having bad clusters is high.
How to confirm iPod Hard disk has gone bad?

If you succeed in doing the quick format with the utility tool, and can now right click on Apple ipod in “my computer” and get the menu, proceed with this. Select the iPod in “my computer” right click >Properties > Tools > check disk. MAke sure you have the checkbox ” Attempt for the recovery of bad sectors” selected. Now your disk is checked for consistency. It will be checked in 2 phases. If it fails in any one of those with un-repairable message or freezes infinitely, then there is no solution, you would have to rush to apple to get the support. Else try the above steps again with the latest iTunes, it should work.

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