How to Install Themes on Android

A Year back, Android looked like a failure by Google trying to reinvent the wheel. But Today, thanks to the unique features like Google GPS Maps Navigation, and Google Goggles Visual search, Android is mature and all set for the mainstream. But just like iPhone, the native Android phones are not customizable as far as GUI is concerned. Here is a quick tutorial that will let you install themes on your Rooted Android Phone.

Pre-Requisites : Your Android should be rooted: How to Root your Android mobile.

You can get themes from Here.

Step 1. Rename the theme file to and copy the theme file ( , to the root of your SD card.

Note: Step 2 to 4 are optional and only for your safety (by creating backups)

Step 2. Now you need to take a backup of your Android phone , in case you wish to restore the phone to its original state. Reboot your phone in Recovery Mode , by following these steps :
* Press and hold the Power/End Call button.
* When the phone is switched off , press and hold the Power and Home buttons. Continue to hold these buttons , until the Android image or logo appears.
* Release the buttons and wait for the Recovery screen.
Step 3. When the Recovery Screen appears , scroll to and select Android vX.X ( here X.X is the version of Android , running on your phone ) . You can alternatively press ALT+B.
Step 4. Wait for a few minutes , until your phone displays “backup complete” on the screen.
Step 5. Now you can apply the theme safely to your phone. Scroll to and select , or press ALT+A. Press the Home button to confirm your theme selection. Wait until the screen says “install from sdcard complete”.
Step 6. Finally scroll and select Reboot Now or press Home+Back.
It may take around 5-10 minutes for your phone to reboot with the new theme.

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    Doesn’t work, doesn’t boot into recovery mode.

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