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HP Slate Tablet PC gets Video ReviewedApple must be already happy to see this coming. During the Keynote from Ballmer at CES 2010, HP’s Slate PC was demoed. Not much of a surprise, the Tablet is just average.

The HP device shown up at CES did not appear to be the dual-screen tablet that’s the subject of much rumor and speculation, under the code-name Courier. Neither the HP video above nor Ballmer, however, showed the device from the back. However, as Ballmer had trouble bringing up the second Seth Meyers video from the device’s Media Center connection (due more likely to power problems affecting the router than with the PC itself), he did not try turning the unit over, which he might have done if there were a second screen on the back.

“We’re talking about something that is almost as portable as a phone and as powerful as a PC running Windows 7,” stated Ballmer, in introducing the HP “slate” along with two other models. “The emerging category of PCs really should take advantage of the touch and mobility and capabilities of Windows 7, and are perfect, perfect for reading, for surfing the Web, and for taking entertainment on the go.”

The unveiling video is way too impressive, but, only in theory.

HP’s entry in the Windows 7 “slate” product category.

But what matters most is, the device failed to wow those expecting a true competitor to the mythical Apple tablet iSlate.

As PCWorld quotes it, “The HP tablet is a basically a color e-reader running Amazon Kindle software, with few other details besides a sub-$500 price point and an estimated arrival on the market by mid-2010.

The idea is so disappointing that Microsoft and HP’s shares fell a day after, according to BusinessWeek.

Despite an attractive design, there is nothing particularly special about them. The over-hyped, yet disappointing slate computers presentation from Microsoft leaves a chance for Apple to once again win the game. That’s unless hype gets the better of them as well.

There is nothing known about the specs of this device. But rumors are crossing our boundary soon. If you wish to get more detail, subscribe to us @taranfx, and we’ll update you.

Here is the Demo Video @CES :

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