Carbyn – HTML5 based OS

Its the year of the Cloud. Earlier this year, we learnt that you can run Linux in your browser, thanks to Javascript based Qemu. We’ve seen Google removing the line between desktop and web apps by launching Native Client on Chrome & more recently, Windows 8 heavily relies on browser to run most of its Metro apps.

Progressing further, we are about to yet another Web technology taking over the desktop. You can now run a full fledged OS called Carbyn in HTML5 alone. Imagine running a UI based OS running inside your Browser.

What that means is that you’ve absolutely nothing to be installed, it runs in any “modern” browser. Logging on to browser is as easy as opening a browser and pointing it to Carbyn and you’re all set. It runs well on all Tablet browsers as well: iPad, Android tablets, Paybook, HP WebOS.

All apps are straightaway built on HTML5, obviously. There’s a SDK for developing apps ont his platform and if you know how to write HTML5, writing one of this OS is no different.

Its like nothing else anyone has ever seen. We’re used to HTML5 webapps but not a HTML5 OS which can run HTML5 apps as well. When you close a Carbyn app, you’re taken back to the Carbyn homescreen. But the key is that there’s much better multi-tasking thanks to their SDK which allows different apps to talk to one another in a way that traditional web apps can’t.

Carbyn is more like Chrome OS minus the underlying browser and customize Ubuntu. Carbyn will run anywhere, just login and instantly you get access to your homescreen and your apps from anywhere: Mobile (soon), tablet, PC.

Carbyn is working hard to get what they really need to be successful: Apps. They are working with key developers to tailor apps for their platform through their own App Store.

See the video coverage from TechCrunch:

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