Identify Battery Draining Apps on Android [CPU, Network data]

Your smartphones can multitask a large number of applications, but this has a flaw: They are free to use your phone’s resources and drain battery juice sooner than you anticipate.

While certain users proactively like to identofy apps that use alot of network,  CPU processing power and drain your battery, not every user is skilled to do it all.

A brand new powerful app called Battery Stat plus will take all those responsibilities for identifying all battery hungry apps, proactively. This is a blessing especially when you’ve encountered sudden battery declines.

Battery improvements can sometimes be achieved by removing bloat from the junk the carrier loaded, while other times it involves loading a custom kernel designed to make the most of the device. But there’s nothing like Battery Plus app, that does everything you would ideally hunt for.

Battery Plus is in beta stages but does the job pretty well. It analyzes attributes such as CPU, CPU foreground, network, GPS, sensor, wake lock, and battery information. The app monitors and reports by top Battery culprits and proactively notifies you when you have a list of them which could be problematic. It doesn’t stop there. You can upload whole set of the reports and stats to the cloud and compare with other users.

You can analyze, conclude and report bad apps and even avoid installing the ones that are reported battery hungry in the public community.

Lets run over the Battery Plus features, its quiet massive:

Basic features

  • Analyze battery stats per apps
  • Show battery impact factor per app: CPU, CPU foreground, data usage, GPS usage, sensor usage
  • Auto-detect & notify battery draining apps
  • Estimate battery timelife

Cloud-based features

  • Collect battery stats and compare with device’s battery performance
  • Compare battery usage per app of your device and average usage (reported by other users)
  • Visit website to see online battery stats

You can download the apk for the app from XDA thread.

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