Install Any Linux on PS3 Slim, Fat

There are a number of ways to Jailbreak your PS3 and install debian Linux on PS3 Slim, Fat. But, you won’t get a choice of Linux flavors at all. PSX scene has come up with a nifty guide that actually help you install any version of Linux on PS3.

There is usually not enough memory to try out the full desktop system and run the installer at the same time. That’s why we use PowerPC based alternate versions with PS3


  • A PowerPC Linux flavor ISO and blank disc
  • PS3 Fat or slim with kmeaw 3.55/rebug 2.55.2 installed as your cfw

How to Install Any Linux on PS3

Step 1. Download any Linux flavor ISO made for PowerPC 64 architecture. If you are clueless, try downloading Ubuntu 10.10. You can also use Arch Linux PPC “2011.03.05_archppc-ftp.iso” ISO images and burn it to disc.

Step 2. Now download BootOS Petitboot. This file is a variant of kmeaws bootos but instead of using asbestos it uses petitboot instead. If you have had kmeaws bootos installed previously you need to uninstall it first. To do this go to the game category and scroll down till you get to the installed bootos/asbestos then triangle and then delete.

Step 3. Next you need to get the lv2patcherv9 from here.

Copy both pkg files (step 2 & 3) onto a usb and install via xmb. Next, Run the bootos/petitboot installer and if you don’t have it already use lv2patcherv9 and install that. Also attach your external harddrive.

Step 4. Place the burned disc in the PS3 tray and close it. Then boot up lv2patcherv9, which will then load petitboot.

Petitboot would take sometime before it finds your disc. At thsi point you would be presented with different methods to install the distro of your choice depending on the options built into the live cd.

Step 5. That’s pretty much it, when the installation proceeds, it would let you choose your keyboard/language and also nicely format your external harddrive to run the distro for you (e.g. external shows up as SCSI2 and the internal as SDA so make sure your choose the right hard drive).

There you have it, Ubuntu 10.10 (or any other Linux server) up and running on your PS3.

For latest Graf updates, use this and then follow the guide here from having compiled the kernel. All you gotta do is install the pkg’s to alter kboot.conf.

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