Install Snow Leopard on AMD PC, Laptop

We’ve published several Hackintosh tutorials in the past to let you install Snow Leopard on PC. But we hadn’t been looking into interest of fellows who use AMD Processors. So I decided to write one after I got hands-on Phenom II processor PC.

Before we Begin
You would need a Running Leopard to prepare a restore Disk. It can be any 10.5.x Osx86 distro (Google for iAtkos or any other that you prefer) or you can even get it done from someone’s Mac/PC which has any version of Mac OS X running.

In case you don’t have it, You can follow our Older guide to install Mac OS X Leopard on PC, just choose a OSx86 distro that works on AMD.

– A Retail DVD/Image of Snow Leopard 10A432.
– An empty partition or drive with at least 10GB free space.
– Download This ZIP (Hardknox) The files used from this archive are highlighted in Red over the tutorial.

Note: There’s a tutorial which is 90% similar to this one and published in Videos. You might want to check it in case you find it hard to follow the instructions below.

Installing Snow Leopard on AMD Turion/Phenom II Hackintosh

Step 1. Mount the Snow Leopard .DMG file, then use Disk Utility and save a writeable .DMG file to your desktop. Un-Mount the Read-Only .DMG and Mount the newly created writeable .DMG.

Step 2. Open the image, click Go In the Top Menu Bar and select “Go To Folder” then type “/Volumes/<Mounted Snow Leopard Install Disk>/System/Installation/Packages.

Step 3. Copy the OSInstall.mpkg to replace the one in the path we navigated to in Step 2.

Step 4. Using Disk Utility, create a new partition, let’s call it “Snowfx”, with “Mac os x Journaled” option. When done, make sure the permissions of the partition/drive are correct by running the following commands in the terminal:
>sudo -s
>chown 0:0 /Volumes/Snowfx

Step 5. Run the “OSInstall.mpkg” file you replaced earlier in the Packages folder. While installing, select the new Partition  and customize the install by removing all the unnecessary stuff like languages, Printers.
This installation would take anywhere between 10-25 minutes. chill out in the meantime.
Congrats, you are half way there. Bear it a bit longer.

Step 6. Run Chameleon RC2 and select the new drive When that completes go into the Chameleon RC3 Folder then into the i386 folder and copy the BOOT file.

Step 7. Run ShowAllFiles and select “Show”. Now you need to replace the boot file in the root directory of the new partition (Snowfx) with the BOOT file from the i386 folder.

Step 8. Next we do some Kext (driver) alterations in order to make it compatible with AMD.

  • In “Snowfx” navigate to  /Extra/Extensions directory and delete “Disabler.kext”.  Next, goto /System/Library/Extensions and  delete “AppleHPET.kext” and “AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext”.
  • Alright, 3 are deleted now we copy 7 into current directory (/S/L/E) from  Snow Kexts Folder. These 7 files are:  AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, fakesmc.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, OpenHaltRestart.kext, PlatformUUID.kext, VoodooHDA.kext and VoodooPS2Controller.kext

Step 9. Copy the Kext Utility to your current desktop, then copy the /Extra/Extensions folder from “Snowfx” to your current desktop. Now drag this Extensions folder to Kext Utility app (the one on desktop) to open and repair the permissions of that /Extensions Folder. When done, it creates a new “Extensions.mkext “on your desktop. Navigate to the “/Extra” on “Snowfx” and delete the old “Extensions” directory and “Extensions.mkext”. Then copy the new “/Extensions” Folder and “Extensions.mkext” from your desktop to “/Snowfx/Extra”.

Step 10. Run DSDT Patcher from the DSDT folder. In the patcher for OS options select Darwin/Mac OS X and for patcher options select Apply DSDT to “Snowfx”

Step 11. Copy smbios.plist to /Snowfx/Extra and copy “” file to your current desktop, open it and look for “mach_kernel”. Add “.test7” to the end of it as show below:
and save it. then drag drop it back to /Extra folder.
Once you are done that, copy **mach_kernel.test7** and place it in your SNOW partition/drive root directory.

Step 12. Hold your breath, this is the final step 🙂 Lets run one simple command to repair permissions and we are all done. Open terminal and execute:
>sudo -s
>cd /Volumes/Snowfx/System/Library/Extensions
>chown -R root:wheel *
>chmod -R 755 *

Alrighty! you’re done.

Post Installation Fixes:

When you boot into your OS, you should probably repair permissions through Disk Utility. (If for some reason the OS says you don’t have the package installed for Repairing your permissions Navigate back to the Packages folder in the SNOW.DMG you installed from and install the BSD package).
There are high chances that your sound, ehternet, dont work out of the box thats coz snow leoaprd is made for Mac and not your PC. You will have to look around web or perhaps ask @taranfx for proper kexts.
If for some reasons you are not able to boot into Snow Leopard, try booting with “-v” and sendout the error message to me on @taranfx on twitter.

Goood Luck! Tip: In case you need quick assistance, contact me on Twitter: @taranfx

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