New Intel Atom N450 for Netbooks [Specs]

Intel always dreamt of making the one perfect Mobile Internet Device that could do everything a Noteboook could, yet, fit int he pocket. The dreams started off with experiment: Netbooks.

Luckily, the idea created a new Niche though was exaggerated by several big brands. Watching the growing success, Intel now upgrades existing line of Atom Processors. Intel’s latest offering is N450 processor and NM10 Express chipset also referred to as “Pine Trail”. Intel Plans to debuts this in CES 2010 January. Side-by-side HP, Acer, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo and others are expected to announce new systems with the latest chips.

The single-core Atom N450 chip is 60 percent smaller than existing Atom processors, and consumes close to 20 percent less power. The resultant chip draws about 5.5 watts of power, that’s crazy low!

The Atom N450 will run at a clock speed of 1.66GHz, which is the same as an existing Atom N280 netbook chip. However, the improvements in the N450 come from the smaller chip size, achieved by integrating the graphics and memory controller into the CPU, which makes it one step closer to System on a Chip.The new processor is supposed to process multimedia faster and free up bandwidth for the processor to communicate with other components and have 512KB L2 cache, Hyperthreading, and 64-bit support.

The graphics improvement will come as relief to netbook users who have criticized the chipset in current Atom netbooks for its limited graphics compared to Nvidia’s Ion platform, which plugs a GeForce graphics core into an Atom chip to deliver full 1080p graphics.

The integrated graphics processor in N450 is capable of 720p high-definition graphics natively, but Intel claims that the N450 processor is meant to consume Internet content, not to play graphics-intensive games or view high-definition movies. However, different vendors will integrate broadcom cards to get FullHD and BluRay playback.

Netbooks powered by Atom N450 will run Windows 7 out of the box.

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