Apple Patents iPhone, iPad Camera Gesture Navigation

iphone-camera-gesture Apple has patented a new concept that would allow users to use iPhone and future iPad camera for a number of gestures. As PatentlyApple files,

This patent reveals yet another innovative concept that is designed to help users control their incoming calls and voicemail by simply swiping their finger over the external camera lens. It will control rewinding and fast forwarding voicemail.


The Gestures will aid a large number of functions for one handed operations. One handed navigation of web pages, documents, a contact list or even iTunes library by simply swiping the camera lens in different swiping motion combinations. It’s our guess that if iPad gets camera in the correct place, it can also leverage these in various places. Definitely, flicking a finger is much more easier than moving hand around.

One possible application for front-facing, iPad camera could be for flicking through PDFs, Presentations with a thumb.

Start dreaming, new possibilities are coming. Hey Nokia, start your Photo copiers 😉

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