Killing iPhone Rumors

I had been a happy user of iPhone since more than 7 months.
Infact its the best phone I have ever lived with. In my past I have tried nokia N series, SonyEricsson walkman, p990i, M600i, Palm Treo, etc. but never ever had such a rich experience.

Here are the reasons…

1. Best Processor yet:
iPhone is powered by ARM @ 667Mhz.. infact the fastest in the mobile world. it has power saving algorithms, that allows it to underclock, overclock according to usage (similar to core 2 duo)

2. Best OS: iPhone is Powered with Apple Mac OS (ported to mobile by reducing APIs)
Interface is damn fast and best UI ever supported. thanks to Cocoa Touch API, using iPhone is just fun.

3. Unix & Applications: MacOS being powered by BSD unix, theres a lot more flexibility of installing applications.
SSH server, terminal services, http Server, proxy server, PHP scripting, python scripting, are among just few..
thanks to Cydia, Installer, Appstore, there are thousands of amazing applications available (better tahn any dfamn symbian phone)… now Java has also been ported to iPhone (unofficially), so expect endless possibilities.

4. APT: apt has been ported to iPhone, so packaging and distribution of Apps has become so easy on iPhone.

5. wiFi: who needs outdated stuff like bluetooth, with iPhone u can transfer files to and from pc/laptop/iphone with split of asecond.

6. Best internet support: Safari is the fastest browser ever seen on any phone. Its view totally resembles desktop way of browsing. Sometimes i prefer to surf on iPohne than laptop, coz its so easy.
with applications such as Fring, Gtalk with SIP is my favorite for voice chat…. say bye to microphone and headphones on laptop.
Also, its the best mailing device.
It has softwares for VNC server/client, MSTSC aswell 🙂

7. best gaming device: if u r a gaming freek, iphone is for u aswell, lots of 3d games are available from action to racing… also a joypad control for iPhone is being released, do checkout that.
Powered by amazing processor, iPhone achieves good graphics with decent framerates
also, it has emulators for Playstation 1, GBA, NES, SNES, etc

8. Best camera in 2MP: ppl say iPhone has 2MP camera… pity on u loser!
try shooting a pic with iphone in decent lighting conditions, i bet it outperforms dirty 3.2 MP of nokia.

9. Best video recording: u think u cant record video on iPhone ?
are u kidding? Theres a software for every solution. and its an opensource one!
i recorded few videos on iPhone with decent framerate of 15fps, and wow! quality was much better than any phone out there!

10. sms: ppl say there is no support for sms forward, delivery confirmation, etc..
My response: u havent tried hard enough, software available for all this…

11. Battery: iPhone gives me the highest talk time ever. before this i was impressed wit sonyericsson… it used to give me max 4hours of talk time… and guess what, iPhone has given me 6hours practical talk time (in good signal conditions)

12. Slim, and perfect design

13. Its not that delicate as it appears to be: Initially i was afraid of droping my iPhone, that it would go off in one drop, but to my surprise iit has survivied 4 bad drops till now with minor scratchs… And best thing is anti-scratch screen, Screen can crack, but it will never scratch, no matter if u scratch it against brick!!!
and to add, its a bit waterproof too… it works under a tap too (check on youtube)
14. good 3G, average GPS: 3g related bugs have been fixed with firmware update to 2.1

In addition, applications like MMS, live video chat are now available.

Final Verdict: iPhone is the best, go get it if u dare to live with technology, else blame it for not having bluetooth / a2dp
iPhone, every developer’s dream.

Downs: no bluetooth a2dp, BT file transfers, no FM, less durable, Expensive at 31k, GPS just average.
The time i bought it, it was cheap around 17k.

However, Nvidia is launching another mobile platform called : “Nvidia Tegra” (search on youtube). It will be running @ 800Mhz and above, will support HD 720p videos and above, to be launched by end of the year in US market. It would be best 3d phone ever!!!

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