Larry Ellison shows Sun-Oracle Benchmarks, hits IBM, offers $10M Prize

Oracle is grabbing huge attraction on it’s annual event: OpenWorld.  This year’s OpenWorld means more to Oracle than it, possibly, ever did. This time the hottest Sun-Oracle deal has grabbed whole Industry’s attraction, which many IT professionals, hope to be a Killer Deal for Open source and Hardware Industry.

Larry Ellison took the stage during the keynote, kick-started by clarifying the common questions- Hardware Business Strategies: Sun SPARC and Open source strategies: Solaris, MySQL, Java. As known earlier, all of them will continue to innovate and evolve, better than what we have seen in the past.

“We are not selling the hardware business,” he said. “No part of the hardware business are we selling.”

So, all the myths created by IBM , also known as, “Sunset” are totally phased-out. Sunset had been telling Sun’s customers that Oracle is going to get out of the hardware business and therefore customers should start moving to IBM.

Then started something that grabbed attention: Oracle hit hard on it’s Rival, IBM.

He played some of the IBM’s ads ( a bold  move), before ripping them apart in the dark. Ellison quoted that IBM deploys more servers in data centers than necessary, their servers are Power Hogs (though IBM talks alot about being energy-friendly), and Sun-Oracle combination does a better on the benchmark as compared to IBM, already.

Ellison revealed a new benchmark that reports that Sun-Oracle server configuration:

  • Uses 8x less hardware than IBM.
  • Runs 26% faster than IBM. (on lesser Hardware)
  • Consumes 4x less energy than IBM.
  • Record-breaking 7.7 million tpmC at $2.34/tpmC.
  • 16x better response time than IBM — 1.22 seconds for IBM and 0.08 for Sun-Oracle

Of course, these benchmarks can be biased for a platform, making the Rival look ugly. But his next statement removed any such allegations. Ellison said that he is so confident about this benchmark that he’s launching a New Program under which Oracle will pay it’s Customers $10 Million, if a Sun-Oracle configuration fails to be least 2x as fast as a comparable IBM solution. Looks promising!

Oracle continued to Hit on IBM with the eco-friendly Green Techsmarter world” campaign — Pointing things out, he said,

“I don’t know what building a smarter world means. We’re going to focus on building smarter computers … Sun’s processor is called SPARC … IBM’s processor is called Power. Now we know why!”

In addition to all that, other Key Take-away Ellison quotes were:

  • “There are limits to how far you can go if you just do software.” … “We will integrate Hardware and software better” … “That’s our goal, to tackle problems that are even Bigger”.
  • “Whatever you think of Apple, I think they’ve done a great job of tackling the hardware problem while tackling the software problem.”
  • “Solaris is the number one enterprise operating system in the world.” and “We will continue to invest, innovate.”
  • “We’re going to spend more, not less, on MySQL… We’re going to increase our rate of contribution.” So the question Will Oracle kill MySQL ? is phased out.

Watch the highlights of the Keynote:

What about Java?

Then came the person who could tell us the future of Java, none other than Father of Java: James Gosling. He had one liner that left everyone in a deep trust for the Future of Java and JavaFX.

“I have never worked in a Software company before, So it will be an adventure”

Left everyone amazed and in joy.

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