Mac OS X 10.6.3 – What’s New

Mac OS 10.6.3 is now available publicly with the beta build 10D522.

According to AppleInsider, this update deals with some of the common instability issues with core applications and components like  AppKit, CoreMedia, Desktop Services, FileSync, Fonts, HIToolbox, iCal, Mail, MobileMe, and QuickTime Player X, and more

Snow Leopard had been singificant update, under the hood. But some have claimed Snow Leopard to be apple’s Vista. Evidently, nearly 60 crash-happy bugs have been fixed  across more than 90 components with this update. The top ones being : Fix for printing issues with iCal, Mail and PhotoBooth, AppKit, the Dock, iCal, Mail, Photo Booth, Rosetta, Spotlight, Screen Sharing, and Software Updater. Apart from bugs, it includes new compatibility updates like native support for the Apple’s Multitouch Magic Mouse.

Update: Apparently 10.6.3 will also feature support for OpenGL 3.0. While it is not fully implemented in the current build, we are hopeful that the latest version of the OpenGL standard will be integrated, which is a cross-platform rendering API, primarily directed at 3D graphics tasks such as gaming, CAD and visual effects. The current developer build includes 22 OpenGL 3.0 extensions, as well as some for the 3.1 and 3.2 specifications.

The Patch update has moved into testing in December, and since then quality has been on the continuous improvement. That update was in beta for just over a month, we can see it going public very soon.

Subscribe to us via @taranfx and we will let you know as soon as it becomes public and detailed Fixes/features. The current build is 665.7MB in size.

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