Microsoft Secretly Fears Google even after Bing

Microsoft had high hopes on Bing and they have should good numbers, recently. As per the latest reports from ComScore, Bing is not catching up as well as Microsoft quoted it was.

As per Betanews post:

Today, the first broader-based data analysis from ratings service comScore closely confirms what the early samples were saying: During the month of June, Microsoft-hosted searches including Bing for US customers numbered just 30 million more than for Microsoft-hosted searches including Windows Live the month before. This is during a month when just over 14 billion general searches were processed by the nation’s top five providers.

The news looks a little better for Microsoft when you consider that June was a slow month for searches overall — down by 2%. So while Google’s general search traffic declined by 2% in keeping with the general trend, its US usage share overall stayed flat at 65%. Bing gained 0.4% of usage share over Windows Live last June — better than flat, but not the “Bing Boom” that some made it out to be.

Today, the latest sampling data from NetApplications shows Bing processing an estimated 5.31% of worldwide queries, although Live Search is curiously still showing up in the statistics with an extra two thirds of one percent.

Let’s not blindly follow the stats. Consider the fact that LIVE & MSN search were having 10% Search market share and now Bing has only 5.3%. What happened to rest of it? Did Microsoft lose it?

Another fact worth considering is, IE is still the most popular browser that covers atleast 60% of interent users and IE has default search engine set to “Bing“. Why then the rest 54.7% didn’t opt for Bing and tried possibly a different search engine? Though Microsoft tried to monoplize the search by defaulting it to Bing, still we don’t see a significant number that can convince that Bing is a success. This has resulted in nothing but alot of frustrated users.

Microsoft fears this secretly that at this pace, they will never be able to catchup Google. Today, new Reportsarrive about Microsoft-Yahoo deal again being re-opened.

As per NetworkWorld:

In less than a week, Microsoft could reach an alliance with Yahoo that could compete better with Google in online search advertising, according to media reports.

The latest deal would call for Microsoft paying Yahoo several billion dollars for its search advertising business, with Yahoo also receiving ongoing payments, according to All Things Digital, a blog owned by the Wall Street Journal.

Yahoo’s  CEO Carol Bartz asserted that the company would “be better off if we had never heard the word Microsoft.”

Its matter of question that what If Microsoft took over Yahoo’s online advertising business, whether the companies could collectively save money while aggregating their market shares. Yahoo has particular expertise in mobile and display advertising. However, many analysts questioned how quickly Microsoft would be able to integrate Yahoo into its operations and if the resulting entity would be a nimble competitor against Google.

All this literally shows how Insecure is Microsoft feeling w.r.t the competition with Google. May be it’s the right time they should learn “How to Innovate” rather than fighting over ruthless competition.

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