Microsoft – Windows 7 showstopper Bug won’t delay the Release date

There are lots of mess over the latest Bug in Windows 7. Despite what most bloggers are saying, the Windows 7 release date hasn’t been modified by Microsoft. The Bug was founded in Windows 7 RTM code.

The Bug Details –
Ryan Price raised the Red flag over a so critical “showstopper” bug in RTM code of Windows 7. He outlined the following steps for reproducing the issue:

Run an elevated CMD prompt, Run CHKDSK /r

Price said users with Windows 7 Task Manager open will subsequently see memory being quickly consumed by the chkdsk.exe process, until it either stops at 90 percent or maxes out and crashes the PC. though this is critical, this only happens with PCs that have additional hard drives connected ,which is rare.

The Microsoft’s Response

As a reponse, the very next day, Microsoft told him this is actually part of the Windows 7 design. Microsoft says it has engineered Windows 7 to use more memory in order to speed up CHKDSK.

Microsoft is now atleast aware of the issue but has no additional details to share, a Microsoft spokesperson said in an e-mail. The issue could lie with the chipset controller and can be addressed by updating chipset drivers from the PC motherboard manufacturer.

The Irony is- development team was unable to reproduce the bug. Given the large number of possible factors that could trigger a blue screen, it’s not the only reason.

“It doesn’t even appear that any type of crash-dump analysis was done,” Cocanower said.

Blame it on?

Few blogs reported that Windows 7 would use all the available memory to perform check for problems in a particular disk which will lead to system crash. But Microsoft has blamed a chipset controller issue rather than a critical bug in the Windows 7 chkdsk/r tool that could cause this memory leak. Microsoft has advised that updating the chipset drivers to the current driver supplied by their motherboard manufacturer would solve this problem.

“Bugs that are so severe as to require immediate patches and attention would have to have no workarounds and would generally be such that a large set of people would run across them in the normal course of using their PC. So far this is not one of those issues,” he added.

Microsoft had finalized the code for Windows 7 two weeks ago and is now preparing to release it to developers in Microsoft’s MSDN and Technet programs. The RTM (to manufacturers) is supposed to happen Today. Proceeding further, Windows 7 will be available to some large businesses, by the end of this week.

However, consumers and SMEs will have to wait until the product’s official launch on October 22.

Meanwhile, fulfill your senses, Read our Windows 7 RTM Review, Benchmark.

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