First Mind-controlled Bionic Leg [Human Cyborg]

Singularity – theoretical emergence of greater-than-human superintelligence through technological means.

Singularity virtually means one day Humans would one day unite with the Machine. An early stage of the phenomena is often named as Cyborg. Cyborg is nothing but a human aided by machine, in order to become superhuman.

Whether you’re ready or not, its here. First human Cyborg has arrived. A New technology has enabled a mechanical leg to be operated by human brain, using nerves, just like an actual leg and muscle would.

Zac Vawter is that first lucky person to get a Bionic Leg aka artificial limb. He is 31 years old and using this bionic leg, he managed to climbe 103 flights of stairs in Chicago’s Willis Tower. The artificial limb is based on targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR), a technique that connects nerves severed in an amputation to other, viable muscles. What this means is that the leg is fully controlled via Brain signals, no other intervention.

Instead of the nerves that would ordinarily control missing lower leg, it is rerouted to his hamstring, whose electrical impulses are converted into control signals that move his prosthesis. This is a evolutionary move in human health care.

Bionic limbs has been around for nearly 7 years. Prior to this we’ve seen a successful “Bionic Arm”, “Bionic hand“, that was controlled with will, and controlled like any body limb using mind.

Bionic Leg costs around $8 million, and weighs 10-pound. It is powered by two motors, one each for knee and ankle separately.

So how it works? One has to push on the device to stand up, the leg pushes back, propelling the man upward.  This is a giant leap ahead of previous generations Bionic limb. With Bionic limb, virtually, there is no difference when compared to an actual leg. The leg works very much like human leg, and you can climb stairs like you normally do. Climbing two steps at a time is comfortable enough to be done frequently.

Zac Vawker climbed the 103 story Willis tower in 53 minutes and 9 seconds. Which is first of its kind.

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    Good fortune to Zac Vawker. For the rest of us, resistance is futile!

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