Palm OS Emulator for iPhone

Palm was the innovator of what we see everywhere today — Smartphones. The journey started from their early PDAs based on Palm OS which could install applications (just like modern phones) and perhaps browse the internet in Full HTML.

Palm OS reminds me of the first PDA phone, Tungsten W, the one I played around for 2 years. But good old things are back and you can get Palm OS emulated on your Jailbroken iPhone using an app called StyleTap.

So what all you can do with it?

Key Features

  • Run Palm OS 5.2 platform applications or earlier versions.
  • Applications faster than on the native Palm OS devices.
  • Users can cut and paste text and bitmaps between Palm OS applications and native iPhone apps, as well as being Palm OS programs.
  • Audio recording and playback
  • Support for a “virtual memory card” (applications using VFS)
  • Provides virtual “function buttons” to emulate the hardware buttons on Palm devices. (useful for playing many game)
  • Supports TCP/IP Network connectivity
  • Supports serial connections and Bluetooth over serial (RFCOMM) for communicating with GPS units, probes, calibration devices,etc.
  • Support for the iPhone GPS.
  • Vibration (on devices equipped with the appropriate hardware)
  • Initiating phone calls
  • Invoking Safari browser
  • Exporting vCards (i.e. address book info) into iPhone Contacts.

iphone palm os

All in all, that’s pretty much everything a Palm device could do.

To install it, just goto Cydia and add source “” and install styleTap. App costs $50.00 but you can try it free for 15 days.

To install Palm OS applications, checkout the guide at StyleTap.

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