Palm Pre, Android, iPhone (Rumor), 4G Arriving on Verizon Wireless in 2010

Till date, no New releasing Good cellphone has released on Verizon. Call it a bad luck or whatever but everytime it’s a most awaited gadget, Verizon doesn/t get it. Start from iPhone, Palm Pre, Android, none of them landed to Verizon till date.

May be it’s not in our fate to get Best Network with best Cell. but this is soon going to change for good.

To start with, the Palm Pre  will no longer be exclusive to the Sprint network, and will arrive on the Verizon Wireless network “Early next year,” said Verizon COO Denny Stigl during the carrier’s July 27 quarterly earnings call.

Strigl also said a BlackBerry Storm refresh and a device running the Google Android OS are on the way.

During the Q&A period, analysts asked Strigl and Verizon Chief Financial Officer John Killian about any pressure the carrier felt related to “competitive offerings,” and what devices were upcoming—a line of questioning seemingly intended to leak out details on the possibility of a Verizon iPhone. Instead, listeners learned there was a Palm Pre in the pipeline.

“You can expect to see a steady stream of attractive devices coming from Verizon Wireless,” said Strigl. “For example, we launched the BlackBerry Tour on July 12. We plan to refresh the Storm later this year.” Strigl continued, “Android is on our road map. We have Motorola devices that are coming, and we plan to offer the Palm Pre early next year, and we have continued excellent relationships with LG and Samsung. So yes, we do have a great device lineup.”

Wooho, Good things are coming.

Given that the two most attention-grabbing devices currently under exclusivity contacts, and which have succeeded in drawing enormous attention to their carriers, are the Apple iPhone on the AT&Tnetwork and the Palm Pre on the Sprint network.

AT&T’s exclusive rights to the iPhone are expected to expire in 2010, though exact details of the agreement aren’t known. How long Sprint would be the sole purveyor of the Pre is also unknown—particularly after Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told the press in early June that Sprint’s exclusivity contract with the Pre exceeded six months, and so consumers shouldn’t expect to find it on the Verizon or AT&T networks by then.

If the agreement is for a year, that would cue the arrival of a Verizon Palm Pre come May.\

For several months, rumors have been flying that Apple might be readying an iPhone for Verizon. And many loyal Verizon subscribers, who don’t want to leave the carrier, but really want the iPhone, have been waiting for news of a Verizon iPhone. But such an announcement is not likely coming anytime soon.

Strigl’s announcement could give these wireless customers and others looking for an alternative to the iPhone, a reason to stay with Verizon Wireless. Strigl admitted during the conference call that the iPhone 3GS, which went on sale in mid-June, hurt Verizon Wireless’ sales the last two weeks of June.

“The iPhone has clearly been a successful device,” Strigl said. “And it has expanded the overall phone market. We have been competing successfully and will continue to do so. But we did see an uptick in the last couple of weeks in June. (Still,) we think we are extremely well-positioned going forward. The lineup and pipeline of new products we have coming is strong.”
Like Strigl, Sprint’s Hesse also recently announced that his carrier would soon be releasing a mobile device running Google’s Android operating system. In Sprint’s case, the Android phone, likely from Motorola, will arrive before the end of the year.

Clearly, the iPhone deal has proven to be a major advantage for AT&T. The company announced that it had signed up 1.4 million new subscribers in the second quarter of 2009, about 300,000 more than Verizon signed up during the same quarter. AT&T also said it activated 2.4 million iPhones in the second quarter. And Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, said that more than 1 million units of the new iPhone 3G were sold the first weekend the device was available.

And the only reason that AT&T has been able to reap all these rewards is because it is the only carrier offering the iPhone. If it had to share the iPhone with another carrier, like Verizon, it would drastically reduce the effect the phone has on its future profitability.

While Verizon defends the need for exclusive deals, the company has always competed on the merits of its network. The Palm Pre will simply give its customers another compelling smartphone choice. And it will give Palm a greater opportunity to sell handsets, given that Verizon is now the largest wireless operator in the U.S.

Verizon Wireless has long contended that it takes more than a single iconic handset to win in the wireless market long term. And this is why the company plans to build its new 4G wireless network. Strigl also announced during the call that Seattle and Boston would be the first two cities where the new 4G wireless network will be tested later this year. The network is expected to be commercially available in 2010. And it will be completed sometime in 2013.

Verizon executives have also said the company plans to offer its own application store for smartphones. Details of the new store will be released on Tuesday at the company’s developer conference in San Jose, Calif.

With all the upcoming deals : Palm Pre, Android, iPhone and 4G / LTE next year. Let’s see if Verizon makes a lengendary year ahead

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