PaperPhone – Worlds Thinnest bendable Display Smartphone

Worlds thinnest Phone, Smartphone” is often exaggerated by phone manufacturers, coz such phone still have a centimeter of thickness. Meet the PaperPhone, world’s first flexible phone that has thickness no more than a paper.

Till date, world’s thinnest smartphone was crowned to Samsung Galaxy SII, but the days are not far when such smartphones would go even thinner. The new contendor is flexible enough to fold like a paper.

The e-paper prototype PaperPhone sports a 3.75-inch thin-film display. Its s smartphone and hence can do everything you would expect it to do: make calls, Read books, and Play music. The rest of the phone’s hardware is situated alongside the non-bendablepart, which is also surprisingly thin.

Queen’s Human Media Lab director says, “This is the future. Everything is going to look and feel like this within five years”.

However, the prototype is based on e-ink technology, the same technology that powers Amazon’s kindle ebook readers. It can be operated by bending the corners to turn a page, squeezing to make a call, and even written on with a pen. Were you expecting more ?

The research institute, Vertegaal along with MERG claims that the larger versions of the displays could eliminate paper and printers from offices. This is possible because E-ink displays require no power until the information on screen is refreshed.

So this is flexible, but how much would it cost?  It’s a $7,000 prototype, but the final product would be ultra affordable.

And yes, the prototype uses Android. Of course its not ready for the primetime, but we grab a fairly good idea of where we are heading.

Watch the thinnest bendable phone in action:

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  • Paperphone – World’s thinnest bendable display smartphone…………… Great and fabulous innovation! ”
    So this is flexible, but how much would it cost? It’s a $7,000 prototype, but the final product would be ultra affordable.” – Will it be ultra affordable?

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