Review: Blades of Fury on iPhone, iPod Touch aka Mortal Kombat

No doubt, Steve Jobs never thought that iPhone and iPod Touch would become more famous as gaming platforms. They easily kickout Sony PSP, and Nintendo DS, and now become no.1 in Mobile Gaming. Prevalently, Gameloft, the biggest game developer, is rapidly becoming synonymous with “kick-ass iPhone games.”

Recently,  GameLoft added one more to it’s collection called Blades of Fury(AppStore), an arcade-style fighting game that, could best be compared to Mortal Kombat that too for iPhone.

The Game has Rich graphics and they run smooth even during extreme action. The game is well organized with 10 warriors. As one would expect each has their own moves, attacks, and even stories. There are 10 different backgrounds or scenes where the fights would happen.

The Best thing about this game is, it gives you what you dream of : Multiplayer. You can challenge nearby competitors via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. though there is No Internet play, but Gameloft has plans to support in upcoming releases. Online Multiplayer could make a Big Hit.

If you’ve ever played Mortal Kombat, Tekken, or it’s kind, you know that the fun lies in mastering various attack combos so you can dish out maximum damage. Same goes for Blades of Fury, but the onscreen buttons aren’t a match for that on the console, but still it’s fair deal.

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Though, the game gives you a choice of a joystick or d-pad for character movement and swipe or button controls for attacks and defenses, it’s not the one you could compare to consoles.

May be it’s hightime that we need some accessory that acts as Joypad for iPhone. We heard of a project working over a year, though they never finished for retail. hope goes back to Apple. And good news is, apple now confirms that they are working on accessories. Listed on

Third-party Game Accessories
Connect fun new game accessories via the iPod touch 30-pin connector and Bluetooth.

On the other hand, control issues aside, Blades of Fury offers a ton of skull-bashing fantasy fun, and I find myself going back to it more than a lot of other action games.

It’s worth spending $6.99 , though I badly feel joystick is missing.

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