Street Fighter IV iPhone Review

Talking about gaming, the first thing that comes to my mind is Street fighter from good old days of NES. I was young and was addicted to this game so much that schoool was always follwoed by Street fighter at home. Now the fun has been ported by Capcom to iPhone, iPod touch, [released today] its a different experience altogether.

With a price of $10, everything about this iPhone game is high-end. Street Fighter IV is the best one-on-one fighting game I’ve played on iPhone. It looks great, it feels great and wish it had more game play modes.

Street Fighter IV on desktop is royal fighter game, but on iPhone is designed with the Street Fighter II fan in mind as much as relative newcomers.

For street fighter fans and newbies, game features 9 characters Abel, new one and the eight fighters with relatively new design and effects.

The special moves are easy to pull off, and yet don’t feel as if they’ve been excessively tamed for the iPhone’s touchscreen interface. I took Ryu and Ken and the were rolling and setting opponents on fire within minutes with almost no new knowledge. The feel is very near to what was on the  console, but the more gesture-friendly interface. When compared to our past review of Blades of Fury, this game definitely has its edge over it in controls, graphics.

The graphics and visuals are rich and detailed, none like anything we’ve seen for fighter games on iPhone. Sound effects just fills your external speakers, when connected.

In order to get adapted to the interface, there are lots of training options – sparring, training dojo and the dummy training – but there’s just the one tournament mode. I hope Capcom adds more value to the game by adding more gameplay modes. Apart from that game support Bluetooth multiplayer which is a goodidea when you wish to challenge your friends.

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The App is priced at $9.99 and I feel it was worth every penny I spent on it.

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  • I think people have been quick to praise this game because Capcom made it playable when everyone thought that was an impossible task. So, kudos to them for making it playable…but, is it any fun? I don’t think so, and I don’t think any real Street Fighter fans will think so either. It is just too detached from the original gameplay experience to have any sort of resonance.

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