Swarmanoid – Distributed, Parallel computing Robots

Swarmanoid is a heterogeneous robot swarm, (a group of robots), which can organize and distribute a given task into individual groups. Each group is capable of achieving different sub-tasks so as to complete the given tasks by breaking and distributing them to groups to achieve perfect examples of Distributed, Parallel computing in Robots.

All these Robots specialize in their activities, some are meant for  climbing, and object interpretation, others are good on ground transport, atmosphere analysis, and even flying.

Swarmanoid  is a result of 4 years of research project coordinated by Marco Dorigo.

The main scientific objective of this research project is the design, implementation and control of a novel distributed robotic system.

The Task

The task give to Swarmanoids is to find a book lying on a shelf, above the ground, in a work area with multiple rooms. Swarmnoids distribute the tasks and parallalize activities in order to find and grab the book from the shelf.

Watch the video below:

You can grab the official white papers and publications with fields of study in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and communication here.

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