TI OMAP5 2Ghz Quad Core Processor coming to Smartphones

If you thought Dual core 1Ghz was enough for all your needs, get ready for multiplying your expectations 8 fold. Nvidia recently announced Tegra3 1.5 Ghz mobile processor with four cores. Texas Instruments is taking things even further.

Just that you are aware, Texas Instruments’ OMAP3 processor powers Motorola Droid Pro, Droid 2, Palm Pre 2, etc. and OMAP4 powers the BlackBerry Playbook. Now the future is held by Texas Instruments while they raise curtain on OMAP5, with 2Ghz Quad core.

The 28 nanometer OMAP 5 applications processors carry on the OMAP family tradition of delivering significant increases in performance and functionality, while lowering power consumption compared to their predecessors. Specifically, they offer up to 3x processing performance and five-fold 3D graphics improvement, yet provide a nearly 60 percent average power reduction compared to a sample user experience on the OMAP 4 platform. Additionally, the OMAP 5 platform’s software is designed for maximum reuse to ease migration from the OMAP 4 platform.

OMAP5 Specs & facts:

  • Core Clock speeds up to 2Ghz Quad core — 2 ARM Cortex-A15 cores capable of speeds up to 2 Ghz, and 2 Cortex-M4 cores
  • Lower Power consumption: TI promises processing performance 3x that of OMAP4, all while decreasing average power consumption by 60%.
  • TI claims it can support 3 QSXGA displays running at the same time. QSXGA is a resolution of 2560×2048.
  • Multiple simultaneous cameras – Ideal for 3D video
  • Delivery 2011: mid 2011 production, hits the market around the mid-point of 2012.
FeaturesBenefit *
Two ARM Cortex-A15 cores, up to 2 GHz each3x higher performance to deliver the promise of mobile computing
Two ARM Cortex-M4 coresLow-power offload and real-time responsiveness
Multi-core 3D graphics and dedicated 2D graphics5x higher graphics performance; accelerated and more responsive user interfaces
Multi-core imaging and vision processing unitNext-generation computational photography experiences – face recognition, object recognition and text recognition
Multi-core IVA HD video engine1080p60 HD video and high performance, low bit rate video teleconferencing
Advanced, multi-pipeline display sub-systemSupports multiple video/graphics sources for composition
Can support four simultaneous displaysSupports three high-resolution LCD displays (up to QSXGA) and HDMI 1.4a 3D display
High performance, multi-channel DRAM and efficient 2D memory supportSupports advanced use cases with multiple ARM cores and multimedia operation; provides better user experiences without lag or quality degradation
TI M-Shield™ mobile security technology with enhanced cryptography supportEnd-to-end device and content protection
New, high-speed interfacesSupports USB 3.0 OTG, SATA 2.0, SDXC flash memory and MIPI® CSI-3, UniPort-M and LLI  interfaces to support higher Wi-Fi and 4G network and HD content data rates
Optimized audio, power and battery management platform solutionsComplementary TI devices for an optimized OMAP 5 platform solution
Next-generation connectivity technologiesHD wireless video streaming, wireless display, mobile payments and enhanced location-based services
*Comparative statements compare OMAP 5 platform to OMAP4430 applications processor.

via TI

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