Top Google+ Pro Tips

We all love the diversity and outrageous scope of Google+ Streams. Things can get even better when you learn from Pro Google+ users ad dwell on them.

We tried to jot down some Pro Tips that would help you use Google+ like a Pro.

Note: This page will be updated with new tips very often, keep posting your Tips.

Tip: Rich formatting in Posts

Use *Text* for bold, _text_ for italics, and -text- for strikethrough. To add photos, videos, or links to your posts, drag them to the sharebox.

Tip: Finding Interesting shared circles

If you’re new to Google+ or looking for people with similar interests, search for “shared a circle with” followed by subject of interest. e.g. “shared a circle with” photographers. This way you can look for movies, music, you name it.

Tip: Managing / Moving / Shuffling people among circles Easily

You can make circle management easier by holding down the shift key when you drag people between circles. Doing so preserves your selection.

Choose any circle and then “View circle in tab”, select the people you want to copy, then drag them to circle B. But if you shift-drag your selection from circle A to circle B, the selection remains intact after it’s copied into circle B. You can then click “Remove” to remove them from circle A.

Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some Google+ Hotkeys to help you navigate Google+ much more easily, just like GMail:

  • Space = scroll down
  • Shift space = Scroll up
  • J = scroll down single post at a time
  • K  = scroll up single post at a time.
  • Q = Focus Chat (gtalk on right)
  • Return (Enter) = Start commenting on the current post.
  • Tab + return = end comment.

Tip: Keyboard shortcuts in Notifications, Photos

Notifications & Photos windows also has keyboard shortcuts. Same as mentioned above. j/k to move up and down. ‘u’ takes you back up to the list of notifications.

Tip: Better looking photos on Google+

Resize your photos to 2048px using photoshop or equivalent before uploading to Google+. The overall quality of the image would be much better when viewed in Google+ lightbox.

Tip: Don’t worry about Web Storage while uploading large resolution images

You can upload as many photos of any size to Google+, they all will be resized to 2048px (on the longer edge) and will not count  towards your storage quota.

Tip: Create Memes on Google+ with any photo template

You can upload any photo to Google+ and make a MEME out of it in no time by adding Top, middle and bottom text on the fly. You can do so by uploading a new photo and when its previewed, click “add text to photos” and you can then enter upto three lines of text. When shared, a meme is created.

Tip: Photo Details

The “Photo Details” section under the comments shows you how a photo was taken, and how many times it has been seen!

Tip: Rename Photo Albums in Google+

Its easy to rename photo albums  in Google+. Go to one of your albums (Photos > Your albums > click an album) and click on the album title and you get to rename it.

Tip: Add Photos to existing album and share it

Go to Photos > Albums  and choose the album you would want to add photos to. Click “Upload new photos”, choose and upload image and share it. When viewed, Lightbox will allow people to view other photos in that album, but only your new photos will be posted to the stream.

Tip: Stop Google+ Notifications for Communities

When you join a community, there is a default option enabled that alerts you when a new topic is poted into community. You can clikc the bell like button and turn it off.

Tip: Use Hashtags for Reporting

Always use hashtags within communities to inform the moderators. e.g. #posttodelete will hint moderators what all posts look scammy/spammy and require moderation.

More coming soon.

Got a Tip? Tip us below in comments, we will add them and give you credit.

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