Top Tech Mergers, Acquisitions of 2010

Q3 of 2010 is near its end and we’ve annual report of acquisitions by Top Tech Firms coming from various Market research firms. Most shocking part of the story is that Microsoft has announced zero acquisitions in 2010, which used be a significant double digit number for last 3 years.

Google has given the biggest number in the industry by acquiring 23 companies, 3/4th of which are venture financed or angel-backed. On the other side of the road, Twitter, still hasn’t figured out a sustainable revenue model, made three acquisitions related to social media and analytics. IBM absorbed much of the enterprise software market and bit on the Hardware side as well.

Microsoft’s silence in 2010 has a solid reason –the biggest acquisition failure of Yahoo! As per CBInsights, the Microsoft is losing out on the top start-up technologies, although, there’s no doubt on how comfortably Microsoft can acquire nearly any (and every) start-up, but they are just not doing it, at least not publicly.

Facebook: Surprisingly, Facebook has jumped ahead of many of the tech companies Cisco, Oracle, etc. Of course, many of Facebook’s acquisitions are of the small tuck-in variety recruiting talent or interesting capabilities for the social networking giant.

HP: Unlike Facebook with it’s smaller acquisitions, HP has been making larger acquisition deals (4 x $1+ billion) with the aim to push technology, products and services to a new level.

Cisco: Cisco which has record of making large number of acquisitions had been slow this year with only 4 mergers.

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