Touchscreen iMac hinted

Apple just announced the event scheduled for Jan 27th, “Come see our latest creation”

Rumors of iSlate/iTablet is taking different shapes.
As per the new rumor, Apple will launch a 22-inch touchscreen iMac/Macbook. The point to noted here is this could be the same iSlate (which makes very little sense) or evidently, a different product altogether. The gadget will be produced by Taiwan-based manufacturer Quanta, with the screens being produced by Sintek Photronic. The rumor is based on an account from the Chinese language newspaper China Times.

A touchscreen iMac wouldn’t be surprising, since Apple is the biggest innovator in it.

But it’s not just Apple that is getting into the touchscreen game; many other tech firms demonstrated touch-based devices at this year’s. Tablet devices were announced by a variety of manufacturers including Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Notion Ink, and Archos.

E-readers are also getting into touchscreens with devices like Nook, Sony PRS series and more.
The touchscreen iMac would be an evolution of the current iMac design. But then again, the company may have something a little more radical in mind. Check out what Steve Jobs had to say about the “future of the PC and tablet devices” in AllThingsD Conference in 2007: “This general purpose device is going to continue to be with us and morph with us, whether it’s a tablet or a notebook or, you know, a big curved desktop that you have at your house or whatever it might be.”

Curved displays haven’t taken off in terms of popularity, but are often hailed by critics because the screens provide a far more immersive experience than flat displays do. It could be those curved touch displays like the ones we saw in Avatar or god knows what exactly, but something Big is on the way.

As Apple’s Jan 27th event approaches, rumors would get clarity and would start making sense anytime soon.

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