Unlock ANY iPhone 4 without Jailbreak

A large number of iPhones still remain carrier locked as they await for a Jailbreak solution for the unlock of the latest Basebands, bootloaders. Honestly speaking, such users hardly had options till date.

There are two new ways of Unlocking iPhone 4 without Jailbreaking it.

First, you can get your IMEI whitelisted for a price from a GSM phone source.

Second, You can use a SIM card unlocker, which just works.

iPhone unlock

Method I: Getting IMEI whitelisted

It works by adjusting your phone’s IMEI to work on any carrier. An IMEI is a number unique to every GSM phone that allows your carrier to identify your device. The service, from GSM Phone Source, will cost you $180. That’s a hefty price, but worth it would make it work on any GSM carrier. When you sign up for the service, you provide them with your phone’s IMEI. They’ll email you within 48 hours to confirm your phone has been unlocked. After another sync with iTunes, you can then insert any GSM sim card into your iPhone.

It is confirmed that it works today however, there is a catch: There’s always a chance that Apple can put your IMEI back in the registry and negate the whole process, so use this service at your own risk.

CutYourSim is a very similar service, but again, try it at your own risk.

Method II: SIM card Unlocker

This is a much cheaper and safer bet at $48. The card comes from Rebel SIM Card and will allow you to load any SIM you want into your iPhone 4.

It comes in two flavors:

  • The cheaper option has an tiny antenna that awkwardly sticks out the side.
  • For around $17 more, you can get a SIM special tray that replaces the one that comes with your iPhone. ($65)

Rebel’s use of a custom SIM tray lets you update the SIM Software even if Apple redesigns the iPhone. Check out the product page to make sure your phone is compatible.

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