World’s Fastest Camera – Trillian FPS [Speed of Light]

How fast is Fast enough? A Typical dSLR can do 5 shots every second and a high-end sports dslr would capture 25fps in it’s full resolution, enough to do most real life Action photography.

Going beyond the consumer and prosumer grade cameras, we’ve seen high-end cameras doing 1000s of fps. Capturing a drop of water falling into a glass of water is one of the examples of such framerates. What has not been achieved is a number in billions or Trillians. Thanks to MIT researchers, Trillian frames can now be captured in a second.

Imagine capturing a Atomic bomb explosion and watching it at intervals less than nanoseconds. Trillian FPS mean watching photons travelling through space. In case you don’t know, photons travel at speed of light 3,00,000 km/h. As you can see, this camera is insanely fast to capture just about anything.
This is capturing Images at the Speed Of Light!

Such a camera is the future for medical science where such cameras will help us understand diseases and other ailments, in a much better way than before.

Watch the video after a jump:

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