Xbox One vs. PS4 – Choosing The Right Gaming Console

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were both announced earlier this year and complete details were unveiled at the yearly Gaming conference: E3.


Both of the Gaming consoles look very promising, and they are so close to each other in terms of specs and features, that you can easily get confused over which one is right for you.



Ultimately, its hard to say which one console is the winner. One console might be the right console for you, other may not. You’ve to choose what you prefer.


In favor of PS4:


  1. No restrictions: Play older games, share games, rent games, no internet connection required, play offline, Free PSN for the most part.
  2. Cheaper: At $399 its at least $100 cheaper than the cheapest Xbox One.
  3. More about Gaming, more titles: Sony has always been better at getting bulk of quality Gaming titles and this is getting even better with PS4. PS4 is all about Gaming and nothing else, so you know Sony would stay focussed.

In Favor of Xbox One:

  1. Complete Entertainment system: TV, music, Videos, Games, web browser, Skype,  you name it. You get everything to keep your family entertained. The Xbox Live takes this experience further by making it a lot more social
  2. Kinect/Smart Glass: Kinect is simply superb and still the best motion gesture accessory one can have. If you like to have more fun with moves, Xbox One is right for you.
  3. Strong titles at Launch: At the time of the launch, Xbox one will have more titles. May it be third-person action title Ryse: Son of Rome, the mech-friendly first-person shooter Titanfall, racing title Forza Motorsport 5 and mesmerizing music game Fantasia.

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