Yahoo-Microsoft Love – Recommends Firefox Users to Switch to “Safer IE8”

MicroHoo (Yahoo-Microsoft) deal was supposed to monetize Yahoo search — that’s what we thought. But now it looks like it was more than just a Bing deal.

Within last few days, we observed something new. Yahoo! is  now encouraging Firefox users that they’d be better off switching to the “new, safer Internet Explorer 8″.

A Drastic Change?

Last year we saw Yahoo advising IE users to switch to “NEW safer, faster Firefox 3″. No what happened that made them feel that IE is better than Firefox? Is it the new love-affair that Yahoo has been into since this season? Poor Irony, Yahoo!

Here is a screenshot :

“Money drives encouragement” says an analyst. “We are not sure where Yahoo! is heading, but All I know is that it ain’t good”

Yahoo had been a motivator of Open Source. Last year’s failed acquisition was a solid proof to the fact and second was the Fall of Yahoo share value after the deal, this year.

Strangeness in Yahoo’s behaviour doesn’t end here. When Yahoo went into losses, in this Quarter results, CEO Bartz declared  “Yahoo was never a search company“. As far as I remember, they started being the best alternative to existing search engines like altavista, ask.

After the Bing deal, they lost their roots, and now they are too Microsoft dominated. I guess it’s high-time for Open Source industry to learn from Microsoft-Yahoo deal.

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