Android and Chrome OS might Converge

For some Tech leaders have already declared Cloud Computing OS is the future and others strongly disagree and call it a failure. though we had been neutral over our previous Chrome OS Review.

Whatever the case is, we now know that two upcoming technologies: Android and Chrome OS are going to converge at some point in the Future.

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Still, it’s hard to wonder where Android and its growing application base fits into Google’s long-term OS strategy especially after seeing several ARM-based smartbook prototypes running Google’s smartphone OS. Fortunately, Sergey Brin shed some light on this topic in a candid statement following the Chrome OS event.

According to CNET, Brin said that Android and the Chrome OS “will likely converge over time,” noting the common Webkit and Linux foundation of both operating systems.

On the contrary, listening to Google CEO Eric Schmidt attempt to explain the difference between Google’s operating systems in a recent CNET interview leaves us wondering if the correct message is delivered within Google itself. I might be wrong at this but they don’t seem to have a clear idea of its target markets as smartphone and laptop functionality continues to converge across devices.

Schmidt affirms that it’s too early to tell how the OSes will be used and prefers not to “prejudge the success” of each. “The future will unfold as it does, and the open-source community will determine the natural fit.” Indeed, I loved that answer more than any other. Let Open Source world do it, their own way.

Checkout the video:

What do you think ? Does he have a point there?

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