Google is too Slow! And Alternative is NOT Bing!

Google caches the web information slowly. With the speed of the information coming into the web every millisecond, Google doesn’t do a good job in giving LIVE results. With News, Blogs and micro blogging like Twitter having thousands of new peices of information every second,  google can’t really speed up to this rate.

We need an alternative that can satisfy our LIVE news requirement. Google will still be our primary search engine but for live events we need something better. Were you thinking about Bing at this time? Don’t even dare to! Bing has no base, past or future, I’m talking about a 6month testing mature Realtime search engine “Collecta” launched for public yesterday June 18th.

Collecta brings us the speed of the internet. Your search result include even the results of events which happened seconds back. With Twitter as reservoir, and Collecta as the interface to us, possibilities start here.

So its already 6 months for testing, you must be wandering why didn’t any one hear about it?

Well, the answer is it was left out somewhere in cloud  beetween the overhyped Bing vs. Google dust.

How relevant searches are?

Well, I’ve been using it for a day, and its pretty good. Don’t expect relevancy upto the mark of Google but considering the speed, it does an impressive A- job. and yes, ITS NOT A GOOGLE KILLER! The purpose is different. Still my old post about future of google holds good 🙂

How does it work?

It has shortlisted microblogging sites (primarily Twitter) to fetch real-time information from. Their team comes from strong internet search providers. They bring the best of AOL, Altavista, and many more.

Go live with internet! why still search stale data?

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