Google Liquid Galaxy

At this year’s Google I/O, innovation was at it’s peek. But one of them was clearly something different: Holodeck. This presentation basically arranged 8vertical screens in a circular shape to simulate a real world 3d navigation using Google street view. Google has now changed the name to “Liquid galaxy” thereby extending the purpose of this 20% project.

A modified Google Earth client can enable you to go anywhere in the world. Extending the possibilities, google has embedded journey on Moon and Mars with it.

“It felt more like a ride than a computer program, something between an observation-deck and a glass-walled spaceship. As a result of this totally seamless, immersive experience, we decided to name it the Liquid Galaxy,” Google writes.

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Thought the project at this time is just evolving, they are working hard on it to create something more creative and useful for generic people. Watch the video:

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