Google Me Social Network: Facebook Killer?

Google wants to rethink the way they have played in the Social Networks. After some serious mistakes in buzz, Google seems to be cooking a new Social networking platform, under the hood.

As itProPortal reports, Paul Adams, a Google employee, has released a presentation that gives some basic insight of where Google ME, the new Social networking initiative from Google, is heading.

Update: Google stops Wave, Social network hinted

Update2: Google buys Slide, for better Socail sharing

The 216-page document, which is available here (and below), explores the many facets of human interaction when people use social media and pays particular attention to the differences between social networks online and offline. More surprisingly, Adams does not hesitate in blowing away darksides of Facebook. The slides look very convincing form the Google’s perspective, and sure looks promising.

Little is known what all it will be based on. Its highly likely that Google could potentially rebrand Orkut as Google Me  with a totally revamped User Interface and put the cherry on the cake by adding killer features from the most popular products: Google Latitude, Friend Connect, Mail, Google Voice, Talk, Buzz, Wave, Docs, Picasa, or Youtube.

We definitely dont need another facebook, especially when we are troubled with the privacy issues. What we do need is a better social ecosystem altogether which provides more clarity to controls, and assures user’s privacy at all times and Google seems to be working very hard at building one.

Its worth going through the slides, check it out: Pay particular attention at the part that describes how real world social networks work.

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