Google Voice captures Mobile – Android and Blackberry. iPhone soon.

Earlier, I blogged about considerable improvements in google Voice like Google Voice gets Presence, and How Google Voice can Kill Skype. Now it’s the next Big step.

Google Voice has finally captured it’s space on Mobile Platforms- Android and BlackBerry as a Native application (though the service still being an invitation-only).

Today,  Google plans to change that dynamic by allowing users to make Google Voice calls directly from their mobile phones. The company plans to release two mobile applications to make that possible.

The Google Voice app will allow users to use their mobile phones to access their inbox, place calls and send SMS messages with their Google Voice number, and make low-rate international calls.

When sending SMS messages in this manner, users don’t have to pay SMS charges levied by their mobile carriers because the SMS messages are sent by Google.

The experience of using Google Voice through one of these mobile apps is much more seamless, said Paquet.

The Google Voice apps will allow users to set whether all calls, only international calls, or no calls get routed through Google Voice.

The Android app will be available for free from the Android Market Place and the Blackberry app will be available for download from Google voice Web site.

Google launched Google Voice in March as a private beta test. Last month, it began sending invitations out to new users who had submitted a request to try the service. Paquet said that the reaction to the service has been pretty enthusiastic and that more people had requested invitations than anyone expected.

What About iPhone?

Vincent Paquet, product manager for Google Voice, said that Google is working with Apple on an iPhone app for Google Voice. It isn’t ready yet, and we will soon see it on App Store free of cost.
The Next Steps
Google Voice is designed to facilitate personal communications, but is not well suited for customer-facing applications that allow a company to establish conversations based on business logic and job functions.
Google Voice, the Killer VOIP is slowly yet effectively expanding. In a period of 6 months, we should start seeing corporate solutions. End of era of commercial Telecom Voice providers?
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