How to speed-up Internet Explorer IE8 – Paint it in Chrome Frame

60 percent of Internet Users can’t get full Internet experience since they are limited by the browser they use. IE has come a long way from IE6 to 8, improving performance, adding few new features, but they are still leaps behind it’s competitors – Safari, Firefox, Chrome.

IE8 gave a push to performance which give 70-80% faster performance than previous generation. As compares the modern browsers it’s still lagging behind by 3x – 5x times. It’s not just about the performance, the  web-standard adaptation had been pathetically slow. For instance HTML 5 is now part of all other browsers, except of this old giant. The new attractive features of HTML 5 like Video, animation, 3D Graphics promises a better internet experience which IE is devoid of.

Google, owning the world’s faster browser, plans to expand the breadth of their browser, though they found it hard to convince a casual web surfer from migrating from IE or Firefox. Now they have a new plan that could change the IE user experience forever.

Google’s Chrome plugin, named Google Chrome Frame, for IE has been announced. It promises to add the missing modern browser features and that too with superior performance.

Support: Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 on Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2

Here’s How to do it:

Open IE8 and navigate to Go to Google Chrome  Frame site, Accept the EULA and install. self-installation will finish in couple of minutes.

what you get:

  • Have a faster experience ( 3x to 5x times faster)
  • Enjoy more advanced features (HTML 5, webKit Javascript v8 engine, better cache management, canvas)

Google demonstrates screen-shot of Upcoming Email, IM, Collaboration Killer tool,  Google Wave on the Frame’s site.

Google’s Plans to take on The Browser Market

Google is opening the source code now to get feedback and assistance with testing. The plugin will include Google’s speedy V8 JavaScript engine, support for Canvas, SVG, and all of the other features that users enjoy today in Chrome. That also includes the next-generation CSS rendering features of WebKit such as rounded corners. The pages will look just like they would if they were rendered in Chrome.

Same experiment was executed by Mozilla, but it doesn’t match the current efforts from google. Mozilla’s Screaming Monkey project, for example, aims to make Mozilla’s JavaScript engine accessible through IE as a plugin. Mozilla also has an experimental prototype that provides the Canvas element as a plugin.

Google is going much further by providing the entire renderer. If the plugin is adopted by a sufficiently broad number of users, then Web developers will never again have to contend with IE’s limitations. It could also open the door for adoption of HTML 5 and other important emerging standards.

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