HTC Legend Sense UI on Nexus One

HTC has recently announced the best android money can buy: HTC Legend with Sense UI. The UI that takes it one step ahead of Nexus One.

I knew it was coming, nad here it si, Hack to get HTC Legend’s Sense UI on Nexus One.

Paul brien has come up with a solution to get it onto Nexus One. Apart from the UI, there’s more exciting goodies:

  • 800 x 480 video recording, an upgrade from 720 x 480 ( I still have to differentiate practical benefits)
  • Face recognition and touch focus for the camera
  • Adobe Flash 10.1

He has claimed that some of the most of the stuff works:

– If you rebuild the boot image replacing the kernel it runs. I’m running my own custom kernel with himem and bits.
– The system.img doesn’t fit on the N1 (!), it’s nearly 200MB. I booted by moving some stuff off the system partition.
– The trackball works.
– The 4 bottom keys work.
– The proximity sensor works.
– The LED works.
– The light sensor works.
– The compass and G sensor work.
– The camera works fine and is great with face recognition and touch focus.
– The FM radio loads, but makes no sound / finds no stations it seems. Maybe we need Desire radio ROM?
– The build I have is watermarked – i’ve removed the obvious visual watermarks but no, you can’t have this release – when I get a watermark free drop, yes
– It’s FAST!
– WiFi, Bluetooth works
– 800×480 video recording, camera maxes out at 3MP (fixed in later builds)

– Mic not yet working – likely related to the voice cancellation feature (not tried to fix this yet)

More on this coming soon. Stay in touch @taranfx or via RSS.

You can add HTC Sense keyboard to your Nexus One. the process is not hard if you are used to it,  thanks to  XDA-Developers.


  • Download Low resolution version (v4) or High resolution version (v3)
  • Unzip and install the two .APKs (HTC_IME & Clicker) to SD card.
  • Navigate to Menu, Settings, Language & Keyboard. Select Touch Input and enter Touch Input settings. You should be able to select quite a few languages.
  • To change keyboard, long press on lower left key on stock keyboard

Tip: As far as installation goes,  Just search the Android Market for AppsInstaller, which is a free utility and install it. AppsInstaller scans your SD card and allows you to install any applications on the card. It takes 4-5 minutes and the new keyboard is worth it. The keyboard comes with a touch calibration utility, much more like the iPhone. Definitely it’s faster than the native Android keyboard. And there’s still a dedicated key for voice-to-text input, so it’s a win all around.

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