Install Android Honeycomb on Desire HD, Evo, Droid Incredible

Some of the android devices have started getting a dirty port for Android’s Tablet OS Honeycomb right on the phones.

Though you can always get Android Honeycomb theme on your android phone, its not like having the real thing.

Here’s how you can install Honeycomb theme on Gingerbread CM7: Download (direct link for Cyanogenmod 7 Theme)

How to Install Android Honeycomb on Android Phone

Google released the SDK preview for Honeycomb on the 26th of January, and by the 28th there was a rough port running on the Nook Color. It was a little more surprising when Honeycomb was ported to the Droid Incredible on the very same day, but it looked a lot more like plain old Froyo.

Folks at t3hh4xx0r have managed to get a decent version of Android Honeycomb on Desire HD2, Evo 2, Droid Incredible.

We warn you as this is a dirty port that works with all basic OS stuff working working minus the Hardware acceleration for the UI, data, audio. If you can’t wait for it to come, go ahead and install it on your device, downloads below:

HowTo: You can download the ROM and restore in recovery just like any other ROM.

Android Honeycomb on the Droid Incredible

Honeycomb on Droid incredible

Honeycomb on HTC EVO

Download Honeycomb for EVO

Honeycomb on the Desire HD

Honeycomb for Desire HD2

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