Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS

Google has released it’s own Native devil powered by Android, better known as Nexus One. Initially, it was given out to Google employees to play around and spread the word. The hype was well built, brought few promising features.
As one would expect from Google, the Phone is pretty good on specs. But how does it compare with the Best Phone we know of?
Here is a heads-on comparison with iPhone 3GS drilling down Feature-by-feature:
Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS

Feature / Specificiation

Google Phone: Nexus One

iPhone 3GS


Operating System

Android 2.1

iPhone OS 3.1.2



Thinner than iPhone

115.5 x 62 x 12.3 mm

Nexus One


GSM (& CDMA possibility) 3G Triband, WiFi, Bluetooth

GSM 3G Triband, WiFi, Bluetooth


Processor and RAM

Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon 1Ghz Processor, 512MB RAM

ARM CortexA8 600Mhz,
256 MB RAM

Nexus One

Graphics / Gaming Hardware Potential

OpenGL ES 2.0.

Snapdragon has a onboard graphics that Qualcomm claims to produce 22
triangles per second

PowerVR SGX running at 200Mhz clock, Hardware accelerated OpenGL ES 2.0.

7 Million triangles per second

Nexus One




Nexus One


3.7” OLED Capacitive (Higher Resolution 800 x 480 ~ HTC HD2)

3.5” LCD Capacitive


Nexus One



No. Only
via Jailbreaking [Multifl0w]

Nexus One


Hardware: Yes, Software: No


iPhone 3GS


AGPS+ Dedicated. Google Maps
(Most superior in the industry)

AGPS+ Dedicated. Google
Maps + 3rd party

Nexus One

App Store

10,000+ apps

1,00,000+ Apps

iPhone 3GS

Cloud Sync

Google Apps

Mobile Me


Sensors & Misc.

Accelerometer, Ambi-light sensor, Proximity sensor, Noise Canceller (Not Proven).

Accelerometer, Ambi-light sensor, Proximity sensor



5 Megapixel with Flash, No HD Video recording 720×480 pixels at 20fps

3 Megapixel, Tap to focus, Video: VGA quality 30fps 640×480

Nexus one

Data Sync

Only Contacts, Emails. (3rd party apps like Missing sync for

More Flexible sync with iTunes

iPhone 3GS

Ease of Use/ User Interface

Android Getting
better Over time

Proven Edge over others

iPhone 3GS

UPDATE 2: Official Video

UPDATE: Let’s have a look at the them in the latest Leaked Video:

Update 3: Gaming and 3D Performance (iPhone 3GS beats Nexus One)

Now, Do you doubt on Nexus one’s Speed? Clearly beats iPhone (except for the browsing experience, iPhone 3GS beats Nexus one badly at browsing and Gaming). The User experience is still immature as compared to iPhone, but hardware has its edge over Apple. Ofcourse, Android needs some work before the graphics and 3D rendering comes upto the level of iPhone.
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Update 4: – HTC Desire, Beats Nexus One
Update 5: – Sprint Launches the Fastest Android: HTC EVO 4G

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