Opera Mini on iPhone: 5 Times Faster than Safari

opera-mini-iphone Days before MWC, Opera had talked about bringing Opera mini to iPhone.

As per the plan, Opera showcased the new mighty browser. The claim is that the browser for the iPhone runs six times faster than the handset’s native Safari browser over 3G and 5x times when on 2G (EDGE)
As Apple does not currently accept rival browsers onto the platform, Opera has not yet submitted theirs to the App Store – but it intends to do so at some point:

“The app has been submitted to App Store after months of tuning the product. We expect Apple to allow Opera Mini and we see no reason why they shouldn’t.”

The browser should not fall foul of Apple’s SDK licence rules as it is a client-server system – Opera Mobile would have to run natively (bad, in Apple’s eyes), but Opera Mini does not (so it’s good). Opera mini uses a proxy server hosted by Opera that strips off heavy stuff from web-pages, making it faster to load on phones.

“Opera Mini would give users a much better browsing experience, especially in slower networks.”

The demonstration showed the familiar Opera Mini, with its speed dial, tabs and bookmark sync, performing all the stuff that you won’t find, otherwise, on iPhone. What’s even more interesting is that it supports full session resume, Opera showed the browser restarting with the same session open.

Just like Opera 10.5 rocks on performance, Opera mini does too, Watch the Video that makes Safari look s inferior:

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