Sony PS3 Slim Coming – Finally Price Cut for PlayStation 3

For many months rumors circulating on the web about a price drop of the Playstation 3 console gaming flagship of the Japanese manufacturer Sony. In recent days, it seems to finally confirm that some wholesalers say that the price of the console Sony will soon drop. They talk about $140 less than the current version of 80 GB. However, we have been hearing of this fall due to a Arrival of a new version – This is not all a new version of the console, probably thinned physically.

The official announcement of this new version of the PS3 would be made at the press conference that the Japanese giant held in Cologne on the occasion of the “gamescom” scheduled Tuesday August 18 Belgian time to 18h.

No matter on what basis World is predicting signs of PS3 Slim, I’ve rock solid base to say, it’s coming and too soon. Evidence:

– Bad Quarter Results – Sony reported drops in profits as much as 20%. Which had made them realize that they need to reduce the price of their hottest gadget – PS3.

• The 80GB PS3 is being discontinued in Japan by the manufacturer’s request. Meanwhile, price cuts on various bundles are happening all around the world. HMM.

Digitimes reports Sony is seriously ramping up orders for “key PS3 components,” enough to build a million consoles over the next three months. Even though, you know, they’ve been selling fewer PS3s.

Amazon lists a PS3 “Konsole Slim.”

Aren’t all these facts enough to confirm that new PS3 Slim is coming and original PS3’s price is reducing?

Wait and watch. I’m sure on this.

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