Staying away from Adsense, Earn online Programme faulters!

How to Make Money Using Google Adsense
This is a hot topic. and often mis-interpreted. There are literally hundreds of thousands of website owners that try to find the secrets of how to make tons of money using google adsense. There are thousands of people that try to capitalize on this gold rush.

I came across a website that promises to ensure you how to make $40,000 per month using Google Adsense.  I don’t want to give the website’s name because I don’t want to give them free publicity, just coz its all illegal and fake. There are similar websites all over the Internet. All of them are trying to sell the “secrets”. Many people fall for this and pay $ to get an e-book that just reproduces the free information that is already available in the Internet.

Ok, let us go back to our case study website. Let me point out how these websites scam people and how they make money. The $40,000-per-month-adsense-secrets website(blah) start the pitch like the one below.

First, the website owner throws a big number to get your attention. $40,000 per month. That’s something! He also promises that he will give you his website to copy. So, you get a feeling that “wow.. it doesn’t look like hard work… I just copy his website and make $40k!”.

When your mind is conditioned to believe this guy, he shows his adsense earnings for a month.

He made $41,278 in November. We don’t know which November it was. He also claims that he made all the money from the website designed to sell his pitch. He is also showing the page impressions, clicks and page CTR (click thru rate) for his adsense ads. It’s against Google Adsense’s policy to reveal the CTR numbers, he doesn’t seem to worry about that. Next, he throws strong marketing message — you will make more money than many CEOs!!

Oh…yeah..if you do make $40,000 per month, you would make money more than many CEOs of small companies. But, the question is can you really make $40,000 per month just by having a website (that too copied from someone) and putting adsense in it? Obviously, the answer is “No”.

How can this guy do it? How can he make $40,000 per month using adsense? The secret lies in the example pages he gives away all over in his marketing page.

When you click to see the example web page as shown above, you will see a page that is filled with adsense ads. When people click on it, this guy makes money. This guy might have similar “adsense secret sauce” websites where the adsense ads are shown in the same way. All the websites contribute $40,000 per month, if we believe his snapshot of the earnings.

At the end of his marketing page, he sells his secrets for $97. Basically, he is going to give you a website and content to copy. You pay $97 for the content and put the adsense ads in your new website… and you expect to make $40,000 per month. Then, you would realize that you don’t even have anyone visiting your new website — let alone someone click on the ads.

See.. the problem is that this guy is selling the same content and same website to anyone that pays $97. So, there would be hundreds of websites that look exactly or almost similar. Google or any other search engine won’t even add those websites in their index because of duplicate content. Google slaps you with a  duplicate content penalty as soon as it recognizes it. It would be a total waste of time and money to pay $97 to someone just to copy his website and content.

It’s quite possible that “adsense-secret-guy” would make more money by selling his secrets than thru adsense ads.  Next time, if you see any website that promises to teach you adsense secrets and tips, you would know what to expect.

Is there a real, genuine way to make money using google adsense? Yes. You don’t need to pay $97 to learn the secrets. Create a good website that has rich, original content every day. Market the website. Form a great team of people that contribute quality content to your website. Make your website useful to the visitors. All of this is going to cost money. Prepare to spend the money, provide a useful website to your visitors and place the adsense ads in your website. At this point, you will start making money using Adsense. Even then, it is going to take long time before you get closer to $40,000 per month target!

Hope you enjoyed learning a lesson. Stay away from them.

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Staying away from Adsense, Earn online Programme faulters!, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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