This Solar Powered Automower Mows Your Lawn Automatically

Anyone who has a lawn to mow knows just how tedious it can be. Now that chore can be delegated to man’s new best friend: robots.

Standard lawnmowers are generally very clumsy, heavy, and not to mention messy. The Husqvama Automower is a Roomba-esque type of robotic appliance that is solar powered and zero-emission.

The only requirement of using the Automower is that you must install a low laying or buried wire perimeter to mark the boundaries of the lawn, so that the mower can detect them and know not to cross. The Automower can cut an acre every ten hours, and can even retain lawn clippings and disperse them across the lawn as mulch at a later time. The unit weights less than 20lbs and produces a noise level around 63dB, as opposed to the 100dB of a standard mower.

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