Give up Chrome and switch back to Firefox

I had been a fan of Firefox since the early beta of 1.0

I gave up using sluggish and crappy IE wayback. then onwards, Firefox was my only companion. I was satisfied with speed, the stability and features (specially addons). and Firefox started being popular with 2.0 and with 3.0 it emerged as a BIG hit! I never thought anything would let me replace it.

It was a miracle night when Google released “chrome”. smooth interface, large viewarea for webpages, awesome javascript execution, blazing fast loading, seperate processes for tabs, wow, Ifell in love in first 10 minutes. and that moment on, it was my default browser.. forgetting the loyality of Firefox, which had been a loyal browser for years.

But as time goes, we realize “true facts”. Chrome is good, chrome is fast, BUT it Aint good enough. here are the CONS:

1. Buggy: Crashes more often than Firefox

2. Random behaviour: It sometimes doesnt load a page for watever f*ckin reason “Snap…close this tab”

3. Poor Downloads: downloads are much slower in chrome, dont know why. may be Google prioritized bandwidth to browsing than downloads… Google “Im not impressed on that decision”.

4. No extensions & Addons: I know, addons are coming, but i cant wait when such sexy addons are already available in Firefox.

5. Bad URL intelligence: firefox 3.0 featured a very nice feature of URL intelligence that let u autocomplete URL based on TITLE of page not just URL of page. Chrome, “do u mind copying that?”

Here are Good reasons to switch to Firefox now:

Firefox 3.1

1. Firefox 3.1 promises to be faster than Google chrome… Its in beta right now, but would be out next week or so. I cant wait to get my baby back!

2. New sexy Addons: lots of sexy addons are coming to Firefox like: Cooliris: the 3d web, GeoLoc: Geolocation (within 20meters) and tons of others.

3. Firefox loading time is slow, but now you can use Firefox Pre-loader to open it snap!

4. You still need more reasons?

Come to the world of Firefox, its worthy featurefull world out here.

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