Windows Phone 7 Hacker Friendly, Open: MS Gifts GeoHot WP7

wp7-jailbreakWP7 Windows Phone 7 is now Hacker friendly & Open to developers.

Believe it or not but Microsoft is taking every step to make the platform popular.

Initially, Microsoft contacted several companies and paid them to develop apps for WP7. Recently, they got in touch with WP7 Jailbreakers to learn from their experiences. This is the first time ever that Microsoft has opened up to talk with hackers and developers more closely than ever.

Very recently, they have taken a step that every developer, hacker would be happy to hear about: They are offering WP7 device to GeoHot, the iPhone hacker. Of course these are good signs for the platform, going ahead we can actually start seeign great apps, hacks, and eventually sales, like we see for Android, iPhone today.


#geohot if you want to build cool stuff on #wp7, send me email and the team will give you a phone – let dev creativity flourish #wp7dev

Geohot offer may be based on the soft response by Microsoft over jailbreaking & unlocking of their core product Windows Phone 7 (WP7) by Chevron WP7-a well known hacker group on WP7. Now, at this stage, the jailbreaking and hacking story catches a new twist with the positive response from Microsoft over the jailbreak offer by Geohot. Now Apple & Sony will surely be thinking to take their step backs in this regard.

Of course we could have doubted the success of iPhone without jailbreaking and unlocking, knowing the fact that nearly 50% iPhones are unlocked, illegally.

Microsoft’s soft corner (just like Google Android’s openness) will attract 1000s of developers and they would eventually  win the market, if all goes well.

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  • Let’s hope this’ll get MS to open their API. I’ve 10 different apps I want to develop but can’t until open TCP and UDP sockets to developers.

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