Sony Internet TV vs Logitech Revue [Google TV]

Sony has announced the launch of its android based Google  TV, a week after Logitech announced its Revue.

Sony is offering deals very different from Logitech Revue, the only other OEM for Google TV. As per the plan, Sony is launching integrated LED Google TVs along with a second option of a Bluray player-cum-set-top-box that plugs to your existing TVs.

Pricing  & The Hardware

Sony has branded all its offering under Sony Internet TV which has a range of models: 24 inches ($600), 32 inches ($800), 40 inches ($1000) and 46 inches ($1400). All of them do 1080p edge-lit LED and backed with built-in Wi-Fi, four HDMI ports and four USB ports. Other TV features include Motionflow 240Hz refresh rate, BRAVIA Engine 3, BRAVIA Internet Video/Widgets, and is DLNA Certified.

Logitech Revue does pretty much the same minus 2 usbs and plus Integrated Logitech Harmony® Link IR blaster (for A/V device control) & Logitech Unifying wireless technology.

Logitech Revue costs $299 & Sony’s Bluray set-top-box costs $399 .

Processor (CPU) & RAM:

Logitech Revue: 1.2Ghz Intel Atom Processor Z515 & 4GB RAM

Sony Internet TV: 1.2Ghz Intel Atom CE4100 & unknown RAM.


All of the Sony’s offerings are available for pre-order at now available in US from 16th October and Logitech Revue starts shipping from 21st October.

The Google TV Software
Just like the early previews of Google TV, overall feel of the OS is good, and it  just keeps on getting better.
Google TV uses Chrome for its browser and search functionality. Search will fetch results from live TV, your DVR, the web: youtube, other video sources.

If we compare the smoothness of navigation, it felt bit better in Logitech Revue. The difference could be the hardware graphics processor (GPU) that might have some performance issues with Sony’s offerings, but its too early to conclude that. We will have to see some games running on these devices.

Sony hasn’t customized any bit of Google TV, apart from adding Sony recommended stuff.

The generic feel of the Sony Internet TV is great, but it lacks some of the key features of Logitech Revue like Video chat.

The Remote

For a smarter web-enabled TV, you definitely need a keyboard/remote that doesn’t suck. Sony has played nice by creating a  more compact PS3 console kind of remote, which  has a compact keyboard & mouse onboard. Although, the keyboard is perfectly usable, it may not be suited for a lot of text input unlike Logitech’s Revue. But, on a TV, you would practically type less and watch more, so Sony’s idea makes sense. And not to forget, the gaming would be joyful.

The Bottom Line

Both OEMs offer great deals for Smarter Internet TVs. The choice of the device should nail down to obvious decisions:

  • If you are planning to buy anew HDTV, go for Sony Internet TV
  • If you are looking for an upgrade for your existing TV set, Logitech offers better deal for the buck. But if you wish to have BluRay upgrade, $100 is the only additional premium you have to pay with Sony’s STB.
  • Sony’s controller should suit most users and Gamers, but Logitech’s Revue offers more choices for connectivity (e.g. through iPhone, Android) and a better hardware keyboard for Power users.

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  • tikigeorge

    From what just read it will be Logitech Revue for me. I have a sony tv and a sony blue ray. I have to use the two remotes to make them work!!!!!! sorry sony.

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  • Fettman24

    It is a tough choice isn’t it. Personally I went with the Logitech, it completely integrates with my DISH Network system. Only need one remote now which is a big plus. Surfing the web is just a lot more convenient now. Being a DISH employee one other thing I wanted to add was that DISH subscribers get it for only 179$ so that saves you some money from going to best buy.

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