Top 5 features – OnePlus 5T

Three cheers to OnePlus for upgrading their 2017 flagship killer device. While OnePlus 5 was recently launched in June 2017, the company upgraded it within 4 months. Company claims that they take customer feedback rather seriously and decided to cut short the product life cycle for OnePls 5 and come out with 5T. Most of the enthusiasts, barring those who already bought OnePlus 5 are pretty excited. The looks and features have been marginally upgraded to suit the very 2017 flagship benchmarks.

Here are the Top 5 features that we believe one should lookout for when prospecting for OnePlus 5

1. Display

First and most striking feature in the OnePlus 5t is its display. The screen size has been increased from 5.5 inches in OnePlus 5 to 6.01 inches in OnePlus 5T. This has lead to slight increase in phone dimensions from 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3 mm (6.07 x 2.92 x 0.29 in) to 56.1 x 75 x 7.3 mm (6.15 x 2.95 x 0.29 in), thereby making the phone bulkier by 5 grams. The OnePlus 5T weights 162 grams.

With a bigger screen the resolution is 1080 x 2160 pixels with a changed aspect ratio of 18:9 ratio. It has the same AMOLED display as the OnePlus 5, only bigger with smaller bezels. Screen to body ration increased from 73% to almost 80% : the “very in thing” for 2017 flagships.

Screen is really bright making it easy to view outdoors with ease.

2. The Cameras

Much like the OnePlus 5, the OnePlus 5T has dual cameras at the back. The company added cherry on cake basis feedback from customers, they removed the telephoto lens and installed a normal second lens.

So now we have two lenses at the back, 16 MP main and 20MP second lens. Both have similar focal length at f1.7. The phone is expected to give our good low light photos owing to second camera which has intelligent Pixel tech that merges 4 pixels into 1. This tech sounds pretty similar to the Google Pixel 2. All these high-tech items should lead to a better cam that OnePlus 5.

3. Design

Industrial design language remains pretty much the same with edge-to-edge screen at the front. As the screen has grown by half an inch, the fingerprint sensor was moved to the back. Sensor is now very conveniently placed on phone’s rear at the middle, much like Google Pixel.

The hardware buttons are carried forward from the OnePlus 5. Alert slider also remains the same. Phone might be water proof too.

4. Face recognition

Yes, the OnePlus 5T has face recognition, something similar to the touted iPhone X and it is lightening fast. Just press power button, look at the screen and the phone unlocks at the spilt of a second. Security architecture of such a feature remains to be seen. OnePlus seems tot he front runner to the Apple’s face recognition foray.

5. Stuff that din’t go away

With every new upgrade, comapnies only announce the new additions and keep silent on the existence of the old features. OnePlus 5T for a  change did not let go of the exciting legacy features of the OnePlus 5.  First and foremost feature is the beloved 3.5mm Headphone jack. Yes! it survived through this generation of OnePlus phones. The alert slider also manages to stay and users of OnePlus phones would love to have it going. Hardware specs of OnePlus 5 were already among the best and as company tries to keep the price at similar levels to the predecessor, things under the hood have not undergone any change. Dash charging feature also stays with OnePlus 5T.

All in all a well packaged offering form OnePlus.

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